Available Sizing Adjustments

MEE Sports Can Fit Anyone

Sizing Available In Childs XS – Adult 5XL / Adjustments to Body, Sleeve And Leg Length In 2″ Intervals



Ladies fitted sizing chart


As a custom manufacturer, one of MEE Sports abilities is to manufacture product to fit anyone.  For all products manufactured the size range is typically from Child XS to Adult 5XL.  Along with the large size range, MEE Sports will further adjust the garments in 2” increments to suit the customers needs.

PANTS:  All pants can have the inseam adjusted in plus or minus 2” increments.  That way we can have an XS+2 or XS+4  to fit the tall slender gymnast or a L-6 to fit the short coach.  All length adjustments of plus or minus 2” are free, any adjustments greater than 2” is surcharged at 10% for that specific pair.

JACKETS:  Adjustments can be made to either the sleeve length or the body length.  Again all adjustments are done in 2” increments.  If both the sleeves and body are adjusted +2”, this is referred to as a tall.  If both the sleeve and body are adjusted -2”, it is referred to as a short.  Examples:  Lrg-2,  Med+2 Sleeve,  XLrg+4 Body,  Lrg+2 Body &  4” Sleeve. 
Surcharges will apply on any units with adjustments greater than 2”.

SHORTS:  On all shorts the inseam can be determined by the customer.  All shorts will then be made with the same inseam.  Further adjustments are not common on shorts.

SHIRTS: Adjustments are made the same as jacket adjustments.

JERSEYS:  Seldom will individuals require adjustments to their custom jerseys.  However, the team ordering may require all of the jerseys to be adjusted to meet the team needs.  Typically, the order would be written up with the notation that all jerseys will be adjusted the same.  Surcharges may apply.